Dana International: Europeans Need to 'Shut Up' About Israel

Famed Israeli transgender singer says European countries has no right to criticize Israel since they 'conquered half of the world' and 'raped Africa.'

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Dana International, who won the Eurovision contest in 1998.
Dana International, who won the Eurovision contest in 1998.Credit: AP

Israeli transgender singer Dana International is well known for voicing her provocative opinions. But in an interview conducted in the Netherlands this week, the winner of the Eurovision song festival went on the attack against the very continent that made her famous. In a video conversation, conducted at the home of Israel's ambassador to the Netherlands, Haim Divon, in The Hague, International was asked about the latest Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. Her reaction might surprise many of her European fans.

"You need to shut your mouths, you have murdered millions and millions of people throughout history," said International, targeting Western European countries, while sitting next to the amazed ambassador. "You conquered half of the world. You raped Africa, you raped half of the world. Bring back Africa's money."

The singer of the hit song "Diva" went on to mention Leopold II of Belgium and the exploitation of Congo. "And then you have to go to Belgium, to Mr. Leopold. If any Belgian has something to say about Israel we have to ask about Mr. Leopold, where all the Belgian wealth came from," she said to the camera.

She added that Israelis and Palestinians are "learning our first steps of normal civilization, normal culture. Israel has a different mentality than Europe," and that "Europe had many wars. Now it's our turn to learn how to become more cultural."

International asked Europeans not to judge Israel, saying "there is no nation in Europe who can come in guilt free and criticize Israel." To make her point clear she ordered: "Shut up Dutch people! Shut up Belgians! Shut up British people! Bring back Africa's money! Don't say any bad word about Israel."

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