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In her new collection of shoes and boots, Daniella Lehavi mixes and matches leather textures.

Daniella Lehavi's winter collection combines two sources of inspiration: angular geometric lines in the shape of triangles, especially prominent in her line of shoes, and her love of different leather textures. This winter, she goes all pointy, dumping chunky heels. Two pairs of boots, both from the Genova line, stand out. One is knee-high, but includes a removable upper part that makes it into an ankle-high boot. The upper portion is made of incredibly soft leather, which tends to fold in on itself naturally, but the cut is meticulous. The other boot, also with prominent geometric lines, is not as high, and is made out of several layers of leather, cut and placed on top of one another in perfect order, creating an interesting and flattering look for the ankle.

A love of leather textures has long been a hallmark of the Lehavi brand. Lehavi explains that this season she is celebrating the end of the "color block" trend, so influential on accessories in the last two years, including her own, and is turning her attention back to leather textures. While the collection's colors are the classic, relatively dark winter shades, especially deep green, maroon, blue, gray, black and brown, there are contrasts in texture. The tiny black and white houndstooth pattern, interspersed with all-black solid or printed leather in both matte and shiny finishes.

The line of women's handbags is for the most part made up of classic patterns with only a few contemporary touches,the result of a conscious choice to avoid trendiness. Winter, says Lehavi, is a good time for a classic look, enabling full attention to be focused on the leather itself. The collection includes large handbags and everyday square purses that close with zippers or magnets.

The range of colors, textures and sizes makes it possible to find something to match every style.

Lehavi's line of evening purses and clutches answers a different need: It ensures the smooth, almost imperceptible transition between daytime and nighttime looks. Some of her clutch bags have become quite large, easily fitting a wallet, iPad, keys and the many other small items a women needs every day. At the same time, they are suitable for evening wear, special occasions or dinner with friends. The most comfortable of these are the clutches that take their cue from classic men's portfolios. These are offered in crocodile textures, in the envelope pattern and zipper-closed rectangular models. Particularly stylish are the handbags featuring wrist straps. There's no danger of confusing these with models meant for evening use.

Prices: handbags: NIS 490-2,190; shoes: NIS 990-1,890; wallets: NIS 200-690; accessories: NIS 90-450. Available at Daniella Lehavi stores throughout Israel.

Ran Golani
Ran Golani