ABC Exec: New Talent Show's App Has Mossad Edge

U.S. network's new 'Rising Star' singing talent show is based on Israel's 'Kochav Haba,' including an app that enable live voting by viewers.

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American TV network ABC is confident that its new singing talent show Rising Star, adapted from the booming Israeli version, will be a great success thanks to the original format's voting app created by "ex-Mossad" employees.

ABC entertainment president Paul Lee said the app was particularly popular among viewers of the Israeli show between the ages of 18 and 34.

Lee was very upbeat about the show, calling it a "modern-day Colosseum."

“I think this changes the rules," he said. "In Israel it clearly changed the rules, because it came out gangbusters. It’s sort of a combination of a massive talent show and to some degree the gong show,” he said. “You literally are voting live.”

"Maybe I shouldn’t be revealing this but their technology people are ex-Mossad, so they clearly know something special — the technology that they built for that app is so clean,” he added.

Although on difference that the Israeli technical team did not have to address was the time zone difference in the United States. Viewers on the U.S.'s West Coast will be able to watch and vote for the competition online during the show's East Coast broadcast time but will not be able to see the results until the program is broadcasted on the West Coast.

Rani Rahav (second from left) and fellow judges on the TV show Rising StarCredit: Ronen Ackerman