ABC Buys Israeli Comedy Series 'Irreversible’ for 7-figure Sum

Network will be developing a pilot episode, directed by the co-developer of the original series.

The U.S. television network ABC has purchased the rights to the Israeli series "Irreversible" ("Bilti Hafich") and has pledged a rare seven-figure sum to develop a pilot episode, Deadline Hollywood website reported.

Also unusual is the decision that Segahl Avin, who created the series with Raanan Shaked, will direct the first episode of the American version. Avin is one of the executive producers of the U.S. version, along with Peter Tolan (the creator of the drama "Rescue Me").

The series centers around a young couple and their trials and tribulations in raising their newborn daughter. In Israel they were called Rona and Udi (and were played by Adi Ashkenazi and Muli Shulman), while in the American version they will be called Andy and Sarah. The names of the actors who will play them have not yet been publicized.

The series, which was produced by the Channel 2 franchisee Reshet, hit the top of the ratings in Israel when it went on the air in January, and has already been renewed for a second season. The purchase of the rights to the program continues the success of Israeli formats in the United States, after Showtime's "Homeland" and CBS' "Hostages," which will be aired this coming fall (and at the same time will debut on Israel’s Channel 10).

This is Avin's second series to be adapted to American television. It was preceded by "The Mythological X," which in the United States was called "The Ex List," four episodes of which were broadcast on CBS.

Nadav Hekselman