Creator of Video Calling for Murder of Deputy State Prosecutor Arrested

Raanana resident and Likud party member is editor and uploader of videos containing calls for the killing of Shai Nitzan, accusing him of pro-Arab prejudice.

A resident of Raanana was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of creating and publishing an internet video clip that called upon viewers to kill Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan. He will be brought before a court on Thursday.

According to friends of the video's creator, he is a 33-year-old married father of one, a member of the "Jewish Leadership" faction of the Likud party, which is headed by far-rightist Moshe Feiglin and an activist of the extreme right-wing group Task Force to Save the Nation and the Land. One of his Facebook profile pictures features the words "Kahane was right," a reference to slain exteme-rightwing rabbi Meir Kahane.

nitzan - Emil Salman - January 10 2011
Emil Salman

The man's friends say that he was frustrated with Nitzan for allegedly investigating right-wing groups for incitement, but not the creators of a Facebook page that supposedly call for the killing of National Union MK Yaakov Katz.

The suspect was arrested after an investigation by the Shin Bet and the Serious and International Crime Unit. Police investigators tracked down the suspect through his IP address, an code particular to any computer connected to the internet, and arrested him soon after.

The suspect has participated in large demonstrations of the right wing, including the recent demonstration against the rental of properties to Arabs in Bat Yam.

In the video clip, Nitzan's image is juxtaposed with that of Arabs exhorting others to kill Jews. The video includes red-letter captions which read: "Shai Nitzan, it behooves you to wake up fast! Take note, it is not the Jews, but the Arabs that are the enemies of the people of Israel."

Another video uploaded Tuesday was also attributed to the same suspect. This second video features clips from punk-rock concerts in which the vocalist calls Defense Minister Ehud Barak a "Nazi war criminal" and calls for his death.

The second video was apparently produced in reaction to the controversy that the first video had caused. After calls for killing Barak and scenes of slam-dancing, the video's author claims to "object to all forms of violence," insisting that his true intentions are to condemn all forms of incitement.