Israeli Court Throws Out Charges Against Minors Who Participated in 'Wedding of Hate'

Technical reasons prompt judge to cancel indictments against five minors from wedding in which settlers waved guns, stabbed images of Palestinian toddler

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A screenshot from wedding video shows attendees brandishing weapons and a Molotov cocktail.
A screenshot from wedding video shows attendees brandishing weapons and a Molotov cocktail.Credit: Courtesy of Channel 2

A juvenile court in Jerusalem threw out the indictments against a group of Jewish minors who participated in a radical settlers' wedding that made headlines two years ago after a video of participants waving guns and stabbing images of Palestinians were published.

The video of the so-called "wedding of hate" shows traditional Jewish dancing, but with masked guests with earlocks and yarmulkes brandishing guns and knives. One masked youth is holding what appears to be a firebomb, and another man is seen stabbing a photo of Ali Dawabsheh, the Palestinian toddler who was killed along with his parents in the firebomb attack in the Palestinian village of Duma in July 2015.

A Jerusalem court judge on Monday ruled that technical issues with the charges against five minors who were at the wedding merit their indictments being thrown out. Among the issues with the charges: having the attorney general sign off on the indictment only after it was filed, and not before, as stipulated by the law.

Jewish Radicals Celebrating Wedding by Stabbing Photo of Dawabsheh Baby Credit: Credit: Channel 10

Nonetheless, the judge noted that the charges could be refiled according to proper procedure, if law enforcement deemed it necessary.  

The indictments were filed 10 months after the wedding video was first published. Prosecutors claim the images of the Dawabsheh, the Palestinian toddler, were prepared in advance. Overall, 13 people from the wedding were charged, including the groom and the five minors. The trial of eight of them was still ongoing.

The minors were accused of incitement to violence and incitement to terror. Their lawyers, from the right-wing organization Honenu, called on the state not to refile the charges.