Court Rejects Request to Extend Appeals Period in Hanegbi Case

Judge says recent prosecutor' strike not grounds for extending appeals period in case of former minister Tzachi Hanegbi.

The Jerusalem District Court rejected on Thursday the state's request for extra time in which to appeal former minister Tzachi Hanegbi's partial acquittal.

As the prosecution is not likely to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court, it is now unlikely to appeal the Hanegbi verdict at all.

MK Tzachi Hanegbi
Daniel Bar-On

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court had convicted the former minister of perjury, but acquitted him of the main charges, including fraud, breach of trust and election bribery. Prosecutors intended to appeal, but missed the deadline because they were on strike.

Their subsequent request to the district court argued that as the strike was beyond the state's control and against its will, it constituted "an objective problem" that justified extending the deadline for the appeal.

But Jerusalem District Court President Moussia Arad disagreed. "The heads of the prosecution did not take part in the strike," she wrote, but they nevertheless opted not to appeal, in order, as they themselves said, "to respect the prosecutors' right to strike."