Court: Police Could Have Prevented 2006 Death of 20-year-old Woman

Inbal Amram was kidnapped in 2006. She died minutes before being found, after police repeatedly failed to respond to missing person reports by her family.

The Petah Tikva District Court sided on Monday with the family of young woman who was murdered in 2006, in a lawsuit claiming that police negligence prevented their daughter from being saved.

On March 4, 2006, close to midnight, 20-year-old Inbal Amram left her house in Petah Tikva to go pick up her sister who was a few blocks away. When approaching her car, she surprised a car-thief who was in the process of trying to steal the car.

Inbal Amram's parents, Dan Keinan, 2006.
Dan Keinan

The man, a Palestinian from the West Bank named Mohammed Jahidi, abducted her and then stabbed her to death when she tried to escape. He later burned the car with her body inside, to conceal any incriminating evidence, and fled to Qalqilyah.

Her family filed a lawsuit shortly after Inbal was killed, claiming that the murder could have been averted had it not been for the police station's negligence.

The Amram family alerted police after searching for Inbal when she did not answer her phone. They were told to call back in half an hour. They drove to the police station themselves and were told to report back if she was still missing after 48 hours. Family members who were were searching for her themselves were able to pin-point her cell phone in a field, and they requested police to do a helicopter search of the field. Police refused to do the search until the morning. At 9 am the following morning, a helicopter search found the car with Inbal still it.

Paramedics called to the scene said that Inbal still had a weak pulse. Her death was determined as paramedics were performing resuscitation attempts.

The judge on Monday sided with the family and wrote "police judgment was extremely deficient." If the police had done what they were supposed to, they possibly could have saved Inbal's life, the judge continued.

The Amram family said throughout the court hearing "Police apathy killed Inbal."