Court Finds Ramat Hasharon Teen Responsible for Murder of Lawyer Anat Pliner

The 19-year-old confessed to planning to rob the lawyer in her home, and when she screamed he stabbed her twice before running away.

Tel Aviv District Court found responsible Tuesday a 19-year-old boy of murdering Ramat Hasharon lawyer Anat Pliner outsider her home in 2006. He has not yet been convicted.

Ramat Hasharon lawyer Anat Pliner.
Courtesy of the family

The teen confessed to the crime last month. According to details of the case, a gag order on which was partially lifted with his confession, the teen arrived at the home of Pliner, a 42-year-old attorney, on April 10, 2006. When she opened the door, the perpetrator stabbed her in the stomach. She collapsed and later died en route to hospital.

The suspect, who was only 15-years-old at the time of the murder, confessed to the killing after a DNA sample that was found on the murder scene was found to match his own.

The boy was first apprehended in early June, after police detained him for riding a stolen motorcycle without a valid license. He was questioned, gave a DNA sample and was released. In processing the sample, police found that it matched the DNA that police believed to belong to the perpetrator, which they had extracted from a knife and gloves left at the murder scene.

After the test results came back, the teen was rearrested and reportedly confessed to Pliner's murder a few hours later. He maintained that he arrived at Pliner's house and asked her for money, adding that he had not known her before. Pliner refused and when she started shouting, he stabbed her and fled the scene.

Police said that during the interrogation, the suspect said he decided to rob someone "to make some money." He went on to tell detectives that he "went around town" looking for someone to rob. He did not decide to rob Pliner before he happened on her street, Gordon Street, he said.

"He said he chose that house because it looked nice," police officer Amir Moshe said. "He came to the door, knocked and when Pliner opened he told her to give him all her money. He said that at first she didn't quite understand what he wanted, so he showed her the knife and repeated the demand. Then, according to what he said, she started screaming and he plunged the knife into her twice, before running away."