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Residents take cover in a concrete pipe used as a bomb shelter, as a siren warning of incoming rockets is sounded in the southern community of Nitzan, near Ashdod July 8, 2014.Credit: Reuters

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Cooking under fire in Guy Peretz's 'Endive' kitchen
Chef Guy Peretz is the man behind Endive restaurant in Ashdod, a rising culinary city full of top-notch restaurants. He talks about how his chefs handle rocket sirens.

Chowing down between rocket attacks in Sderot
Almost any journalist covering the Israel-Hamas conflict goes to Sderot. TLV1's Ben Hartman gives tips for where to eat there in the breaks between rocket attacks.

Eating under fire in Gaza
Gazan journalist Abeer Ayyoub explains how the frequent, unpredictable airstrikes in Gaza make it difficult to maintain a normal eating schedule.

Fishing connections: A family on both sides of the border
Some Gaza residents who fled Israel in 1948 left family in Israel. Jaffa fisherman Saado Zeinab has cousins who fish in Gaza. He worries about their safety from a distance.

Are Jewish Israelis still mad for Arab hummus?
Jawdat Ibrahim, the man who created the largest plate of hummus in the world, gives the view from Abu Gosh, where he owns a nationally-renowned restaurant.

Drinking under fire: 'The war on terroir'
Wine writer Itay Gleitman remembers when Lebanese rockets hit Israel during the wine harvest. He tells us how war affects the harvest, and what to drink in this tense time.

Calming food in unsettling times
Cookbook author Phyllis Glazer is a health food expert; she shares her ideas for the best food and drink for calming down in an unsettling environment.

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