Conan O'Brien Is in Tel Aviv, and Israelis Are Freaking Out

Conan O'Brien notes how buff Israeli men are in a Facebook video; Israelis take to social media to heap praise of their own

Host Conan O'Brian on his visit to Tel Aviv to tape an episode of his prime-time television show on August 26, 2017.
Screenshot of Conan O'Brian's Twitter account

As announced on prime-time last week, host Conan O'Brien is visiting Israel to film an episode of “Conan Without Borders.” To follow his journey through the Holy Land, Conan invited fans to check out his Facebook and Twitter posts sprinkled with Hebrew. But blowing up social media even more are Israelis posting their run-ins with O'Brien around Tel Aviv.

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An Israeli entertainment journalist spotted the Harvard-educated celebrity out on the town, posting photos of O'Brien at Taizu, an Asian restaurant, for a Friday night meal and throwing down shots with Chef Yuval Ben Neriah.

On Rothschild Blvd. Saturday, Conan appeared to have giddily charmed passersby. A post on Facebook said he “made people laugh with every second word... he really knows how to be a celebrity, so accessible and friendly. He’s stopping cabs in the road to speak with the drivers, saying ‘Shabbat shalom’ in bad Hebrew.”

He even switched shirts with this Israeli, who stepped out for coffee on the grass in his old t-shirt with holes. He didn’t think anyone but a friend would see him, but he ran into Conan, who "loved the shirt." 

O'Brien seemed equally enamored with the Israelis he met. In a video he posted on Facebook on Saturday evening, he noted "all the men are incredibly buff, and the women are beautiful."

On Thursday, O'Brien tweeted a video from his El Al flight to Israel, in which he brushed up on his Hebrew.

In a tweet announcing his trip two weeks ago, O'Brien joked that he was dispatching himself to Israel "to help Jared Kushner," who came to the country with a delegation in an effort to renew the peace process.