Clocks to Be Set One Hour Ahead as Israel's Daylight Saving Time Set to Begin

Daylight saving time to begin on Friday, and will continue 177 days – until two days before Yom Kippur; Ministry of Interior won’t make it last longer

Israelis will enjoy one more hour of daylight starting Friday, as clocks will be set one hour ahead at 2 A.M.  Daylight saving time will last 177 days this year, until September 23.

Again this year, daylight saving time will end just before Yom Kippur, despite the fact that in June 2011, Interior Minister Eli Yishai accepted a proposal to extend daylight savings time until October 1.


The Interior Ministry has explained that the proposal has yet to be approved in the Knesset. The proposal is set to be discussed during the Knesset’s summer session, but it is doubtful that a law will be passed in time to implement changes this year.