'Circumdecision 5773': Jon Stewart Mocks Israeli Election Outcome

If according to Romney and John McCain anyone who opposes Netanyahu is anti-Israel, Jon Stewart jokingly concludes that the results of the election show that half of Israel must also be 'anti-Israel' and even 'anti-Semitic.'

The day after the Israeli election, popular TV personality Jon Stewart provided his own take on "Circumdecision 5773 " on The Daily Show. Putting a spotlight on  strained U.S.-Israeli relations, Stewart mocked how American conservatives – especially former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney - have repeatedly slammed U.S. President Obama for being "anti-Israel" just because he doesn't think Prime Minister Netanyahu is as "awesome" as they do.

Stewart takes shots at those who have been arguing that Obama has repeatedly "snubbed" Netanyahu, remarking that, "He had a sleepover, and invited everyone but Bibi Netanyahu!"

Stewart goes on to argue that if according to people like Romney, John McCain and Donald Rumsfeld, anyone who deviates from Netanyahu's right-wing policies is "anti-Israel," then according to the prime minister's poor showing at the polls on Tuesday and the electoral split between the right and center-left blocs, apparently half of Israel must also be "anti-Israel" and even "anti-Semitic."

Also, making fun of the endorsements Netanyahu received from American celebrities Donald Trump and action moviestar Chuck Norris, Stewart wonders if the Norris  endorsement was meant only for "Ardent Zionists who haven't been to the movies in 30 years."