CIA Chief: Iran Has Enough Uranium for Two Nuclear Weapons

in ABC interview, Leon Panetta says Iran will need one year to complete enriching uranium, and another to build nuclear weapon launching pad.

Iran has enough uranium for two nuclear weapons but will probably take another couple of years to develope them, the director of the United States' Central Intelligence Agency said on Sunday.

Director of the CIA Leon Panetta

“They clearly are developing their nuclear capability and that raises concerns,” CIA director Leon Panetta told ABC’s “This Week” program in an interview. “We think they have enough low-enriched uranium right now for two weapons.”

Panetta said that he was doubtful that recent UN penalties would put an end to Iran's nuclear ambitions, adding that they could rather help to weaken Tehran's government by creating serious economic problems.

When asked about a potential Israeli military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, Panetta said he believed Israel was giving the United States room on the diplomatic and political fronts.