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After the Capitol Hill Riots, Will the Blood on Trump's Hands Stain Israel?

After unprecedented violence in Washington takes five lives and further darkens Trump's legacy, Netanyahu’s close alliance with the president turns from asset to liability. Listen to Dan Shapiro and Ben Samuels

Haaretz Weekly podcast.
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Haaretz Weekly podcast.
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Host Allison Kaplan Sommer is joined by former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro and Haaretz U.S. correspondent Ben Samuels to assess the damage following the violent uprising by Trump supporters in Washington, D.C., and what it might mean for the U.S.-Israel relationship. They also discuss the policies of the future Biden White House when it comes to Iran and the Palestinians.

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After the Capitol Hill riots, will the blood on Trump's hands stain Israel? LISTEN

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We ask: Will Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s continuing loyalty to Trump harm Israel’s ability to build relationships with the Biden administration? How badly have the scenes of violence in the Capitol damaged American credibility overseas? Are the United States and Israel headed for an unavoidable showdown over the restoration of the Iran nuclear deal? Should Israel really be worrying so much about the “Obama people” in Biden’s foreign policy team?  

We also discuss the reawakening of anxiety in the American Jewish community regarding their security after the events of last Wednesday - and why the victory of Jon Ossoff in his Senate race in Georgia marked a milestone in American Jewish history. 

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President Donald Trump talks to reporters before a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, May 22, 2017.Credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci