Call to Stem Rabin Memorials Causes Storm in Labor Party

MK Einat Wilf suggests focusing on pre-murder euphoria, says party should cancel yearly rally and remove former premier's photo from Kneset hall.

Labor Party lawmakers on Tuesday lambasted their fellow MK, Einat Wilf for proposing to cancel the annual memorial rally for assassination prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Wilf had also suggested removing Rabin's picture from Labor's hall in the Knesset building, claiming that the party was trapped in immortalizing the slain party leader and his failed attempts to bring about a lasting peace.

Labor Party chair Ehud Barak and Minister Shalom Simhon
Tomer Appelbaum

Labor should instead adopt the same euphoric approach it had before Rabin's assassination, she claimed.

The proposal was met with fierce opposition from her colleagues.

"This is a shameful idea that arouses repugnance and horror. The [memory of the] assassinated prime minister's political and social activities deserves to be amplified," said MK Daniel Ben-Simon. "Wilf's proposal harms the slain premier's memory and legacy."