Cabinet Vote on Trajtenberg Recommendations Postponed

Yisrael Beiteinu and Shas ministers announce their intentions in advance to vote against committee's proposals.

The cabinet vote that was supposed to take place on Monday to vote on economic reforms recommended by the Trajtenberg Committee will not take place as scheduled. The committee’s recommendations were supposed to be discussed and then voted on, but certain ministers announced in advance that they planned to vote against the proposals.

The Prime Minister’s Office announced that a debate will take place on the recommendations of the Trajtenberg committee at Monday’s cabinet meeting, where ministers will be able to present their positions on the various proposals. The vote on the recommendations will apparently be taken by the socio-economic forum, a smaller group of ministers, at a later date.

Yishai Lieberman Knesset Jan2010 Emil Salman
Emil Salman

Yisrael Beiteinu ministers sent an angrily-worded letter to the cabinet secretary Sunday, in which they demanded that Monday’s meeting be cancelled.

The ministers were upset that the socio-economic forum did not first meet to discuss the proposals, and that they were not given enough time to go over the committee’s recommendations. They were also upset that the government did not consider the economic plan that it formulated separately.

Shas ministers also announced that they would object to the Trajtenberg committee’s recommendations because they deal with the needs of the middle class and not the lower class, and that they don’t include a satisfactory solution to the problem of public housing.