Yeshivas Getting a Good Deal on Cottage Cheese

Tnuva has offered a number of large institutions, mostly in the ultra-Orthodox world, a really good deal on cottage cheese - as long as they buy large quantities. It seems that the recent consumer boycott aimed against the high price of cottage cheese has left Tnuva stuck with an oversupply of the white cheese.

The Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak received just such an offer. The yeshiva has a thousand students and recently bought 250 gram containers of cottage cheese for only NIS 2.20, only 42% of the regular wholesale price (NIS 5.20 ). Consumers pay even more, about NIS 7.50.

Yeshivas don not usually buy cottage cheese as it's too expensive and considered a luxury, and they make do with cheaper products. Another Bnei Brak yeshiva said it paid NIS 2.60 this week for the product.

Tnuva regularly offers large institutions good deals on certain products when it has too much inventory of dairy goods on hand, industry sources say. The company needs to sell such products before the expiry date. Tnuva usually offers 30% off - but the present big discounts on cottage cheese are considered exceptional and unprecedented.

Tnuva said it has traditionally offered discounts to institutions on products nearing their expiration date, and there is no connection between the public debate on the price issue and the present discounts.