Workers Continue Strike at Interior Ministry

People can't get passports or other official documents, such as gun permits

The 1,400 workers of the Interior Affairs ministry have decided to continue their strike begun on Tuesday, with the blessing of the Histadrut labor federation.

The workers had expected to resume work today, but ultimately decided to continue their sanctions, claiming that the ministry management is not holding genuine negotiations about their demands.

The chairman of the national Interior Ministry union, Ilana Nahari, said the workers will not accept the public at the ministry outlets throughout the country today. People will not be able to receive new passports or other official documents such as ID cards, certificates of death, or gun permits.

The chairman of the clerical union, Ariel Yakovy, commented last night that the umbrella Histadrut union had approved the motion to declare a labor dispute two months ago.

The underlying grounds for the dispute is the government's intention of restructuring the ministry, including transferring the Business Licensing unit to the Public Security Ministry.

The Interior Affairs Ministry management commented that it cannot understand the need to strike, as the negotiations are continuing.