'We Love You, Nochi'

The chairwoman of the Super-Sol (TASE: SAE)  union, Ariela Siso, is pleased as punch that Nochi Dankner decided not to sell the supermarket chain after all. She even claims to have played a part in his decision to resist the siren call of gigantic capital gains.

Upon learning that Dankner's company IDB (TASE: IDBH)  would be keeping Super-Sol after all (and forgoing $475 million in gains), and not selling it to the Bronfman-Fisher group, Siso sent Dankner a joyous telegram: "We love you Nochi. Thank you for staying. On behalf of the 11,000 Super-Sol workers."

In recent days Siso had held marathon talks with Dankner over the potential sale. She was concerned about how the sale would impact the status of the workers. She also demanded that if it went through, the workers would get a share.

"Nochi was intensely conflicted," she said on Tuesday. "When he told me of his decision not to sell the chain, I told him, You'll yet have businesses that make more than Super-Sol, but you won't find workers who heap more love and respect on you than the Super-Sol workers. I believe that what I said, and I meant every word, did the job. Nochi withstood one of the greatest temptations in his life. The workers and I are glad he stayed with us."