Upstart Golan Counts 80,000 Users

New cellular operator opened for business only two months ago; if figures are correct, company garnering 10,000 new customers a week.

New cellular operator Golan Telecom has signed up 80,000 customers since it began operations less than two months ago.

Most of them have taken the company's NIS 99-a-month unlimited plan. If the figures are correct, and some in the industry have doubts, this is a particularly impressive performance in such a short time - over 10,000 new customers a week.

Only 36,000 Golan subscribers have kept their their numbers from their previous cellular company - these figures are open to the public.

Until now, almost 70% of those signing up for a cellular contract have been switching between companies, but for Golan these figures are reversed and some 60% are new customers with new phone numbers, while only 40% transferred from other cellphone companies.

Some 3,000 customers have already left Golan for elsewhere. The company says it has worked out the technical problems it encountered at the very beginning.

Golan said it stands behind the figure of 80,000 new customers.

Moti Milrod