Tycoons Fling Dirt in Diaper Duel

The cottage cheese boycott casts a spotlight on the price of diapers in Israel.

David Wiessman and Nochi Dankner are taking their conflict up a notch, and this time it's over diapers.

The cottage cheese price crisis has cast a spotlight on diapers, another product that sells for more in Israel than in many other countries.

Wiessman controls Blue Square and Dor Alon. Last week Blue Square supermarket chain Mega announced it will be importing Huggies diapers from Kimberly-Clark's Turkish factory.

Hogla-Kimberly, Huggies' Israeli manufacturer, countered with a newspaper ad alleging that Mega's imported diapers were of poor quality.

Nochi Dankner, the IDB group's controlling shareholder, owns 49% of Hogla-Kimberly through IDB group company Hadera Paper.

Not to be slighted, Mega sent its diapers to the Israel Standards Institute in an attempt to undermine Hogla's claim. It also sent a letter to Hogla-Kimberly's lawyers, accusing the company of using the Mega logo in an attempt to malign it.

Figures close to both sides said the matter was likely to end in court. ()