Two Israeli Home-gas Suppliers May Face Antitrust Charges

Authority says Amisragaz, Pazgas conspired against rival to prevent competition. It will make final decision on indictment following hearing

File photo: Home-gas tanks in Israel, February 2008.
Ofer Vaknin

Israel’s Antitrust Authority said on Monday it was weighing an indictment against the gas suppliers Amisragas and Pazgas for allegedly conspiring to prevent a third company from competing with them.

The authority said a final decision on filing an indictment against the two companies as well as their top executives would come after a preliminary hearing.

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According to documents from the authority, the case dates from the second half of 2016 when a supplier called Kolbogas began to compete more vigorously in the Be’er Sheva area, in southern Israel, a market where until then there was almost no customer churn. The authority alleges that Amisrgas and Pazgas shared information on their rival to undermine its attempt to win new customers.

The Israeli market for home natural gas in worth about 800 million shekels ($214 million) annually.