Time Is Not on Economic Concentration Committee's Side: It's Rushing to Finish

The economic concentration committee is racing against time to publish its recommendations, hoping to do so by early next week at the latest. The committee, headed by outgoing Finance Ministry director-general Haim Shani, has been holding marathon discussions to iron out issues in dispute.

The rush is because the people supposed to field the committee's recommendations are about to become very busy. In the middle of next week, the UN will be discussing the issue of Palestinian statehood, which will be preoccupying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fischer will be attending the annual conference of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank next week.

So if the economic concentration committee extends its wrangling beyond the start of next week, it will have to wait for the week starting on September 25 and ending at Rosh Hashanah, a time already slated for the publication of the Trajtenberg Committee's conclusions about solutions to resolve the public protest over the cost of living.

Also, by the end of the week, Shani will be leaving the Finance Ministry. He resigned over policy disputes. He could of course agree to stay on a few days more, to allow the committee to finish its work.