And Now - a Bra That Only Opens When the Wearer Is in Love

A sensor monitors the bra wearer’s heart rate and transmits the data in real time to an iPhone app, which opens the catch when love is detected.

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A Japanese lingerie company has created a bra which, it claims, only opens when the woman is in love.

Using a built-in heart monitor that communicates with a smartphone app, the bra has a sensor that glows pink when it senses love in the air and obligingly undoes itself, AFP reported.

Ravijour, the company that developed the bra says that at this stage it is a concept only and is not available for purchase.

Apparently, the sensor monitors the smart bra wearer’s heart rate and transmits the data in real time to an iPhone app using a Bluetooth connection. The app processes the data – measuring heart rate elevation using a specially built algorithm as well as pre-set data - and opens the catch when the wearer's heart rate is suitably elevated – meaning she's is in love.

While some would-be wearers might worry that any excitement might cause their underwear to ping, the creators of the bra say that the catch will only be released when a woman is in love so that her Adrenal Medulla (part of the adrenal gland) secretes the hormone Catecholamine, which increases her heart rate.

"Until now, the bra was a piece of clothing to remove, but now it is an instrument to test true love," says a so-called sex expert in the company's promotional video. "I believe this bra will become a friend of women around the world.

Unanswered so far is the question of whether the woman needs to be in love to remove her bra at night – or, indeed, what she does if she wants to get intimate with a man without being in love.

The love bra with its pink sensor.Credit: Ravijour / YouTube