The First Hebrew Amalekite

Haim Amsellem is the nemesis of the hubris of Shas, which has become fat and ugly and must be removed.

If the rabbis continue with their prayer for rain - if they plead and drive Him crazy - in the end He'll send them a light drizzle, just so they'll leave Him alone.

First we thought that the lack of ran should be attributed to global warming, now we know that it should be attributed to the Shas' own heating up. Avraham Yosef, the rabbi of Holon and the son-of - cast aspersions this week: "The heretical opinions" of the rabbi-MK are the reason for the drought.

amselem - Alex Levac - November 29 2010
Alex Levac

Haim Amsellem looks like an insect to them, and they will quickly drown him in a putrid drop. And what if the dry spell continues? Will that be proof that Amalek is winning?

They call him "Amalek" - may his name be erased, and not everyone understands the meaning of the report in their newspaper, Yom Leyom: Amalek, the eternal enemy of Israel until the Messiah comes, must be killed without pangs of conscience:

"Thou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; thou shalt not forget," God says in Dueteronomy; and in Samuel we have: "Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass."

Because he violated the divine command and had mercy on Agag, Saul paid with his kingdom. And Samuel had no choice but to sever the neck of the king of the Amalekites with his own hands, "before God."

After all, we already know the fate of the bleeding hearts who have mercy on the cruel and what fate we will suffer because of them, and we also know that Jews are merciful sons of merciful fathers, because of their soft hearts.

It is hard to get rid of Amalek, and therefore in every generation a new enemy rises up against us. That is how the wicked Haman, from the same bad seed, arose in his day, and they had to kill his 10 sons, from Parshandata to Vayezata, and to hang them on a tree.

And now the heretic Amsellem has arisen, who also chops down trees. I wouldn't want to cause him harm, and therefore I won't write in his praise. On the contrary, I will try to downplay his importance. With all due respect, he is not the first Hebrew Amalekite in our generation. He was preceded by someone else, and that "someone else" is me.

Not only Amalek, but Amalek and Haman in the same breath, at the same appearance of Ovadia Yosef among the Yazidi: "Cursed be Amalek, cursed be Haman, cursed be Yossi Sarid," went his speech, accompanied by wishes for a strange, unusual death; another prayer that was not immediately answered.

We learned about Amsellem's Amalekite qualities from the newspaper, we learned about my Amalekite qualities from the mouth of the ass: In other words, directly from the mouth of God.

And what was the the anger all about? About money that I wouldn't pay from the public coffers to the "Maayan Hatorani" school system that had become corrupted; I refused to be blackmailed. I believed that the polluter pays, not the government.

Its the voice of Ovadia, but the hands of Yishai. It is they that shove the words into the mouth of the rabbi-sage. Thus will behave the man without a character and without a shadow of his own, who is afraid only of the shadow of others. This is the man, a not particularly wise scholar, who like a parasite has fed on the rabbi and his family, beginning his career as a messenger boy and advancing to become a prompter and a meddler. And the less his master and teacher can hear, the more Yishai whispers in his ear.

Not for long. Amsellem is the nemesis of the hubris of Shas, which has become fat and ugly and must be removed. From the moment that the first thread in the Versace suit was unraveled, full nudity became only a matter of time. One part after another is falling and its shame is being exposed: how its own yeshiva students cannot be drafted, but the soldiers that don't belong to it cannot be converted; and how they will humiliate their daughters, just so their sons can grovel before the Lithuanians.

The attacks on Amsellem will expand, soon they'll be saying that he is spreading dangerous diseases. But in the corridors of Shas they can already hear the steps of he-who-has-returned-from-disgrace; and when he opens the door to the chairman's office, he will find an empty chair in which Eli Yishai is seated.