TechNation / Bezeq Launches ‘Smart’ Home Monitoring System Featuring Camera and Door Monitors

StageOne completes effort to raise $65 million for its second fund; Sequoia and Shlomo Kramer invest in SafeBreach cyber startup.

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Bezeq Israeli Telecommunication Corp. headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Bezeq.Credit: Bloomberg

Bezeq launches ‘smart’ home monitoring system featuring camera and door monitors

Bezeq Telecommunications, which historically provided land-line telephone service and then branched out into the Internet market and, through subsidiaries, into mobile telephone service, is now expanding into “smart home” products that feature sophisticated electronics. This includes the so-called Internet of Things in which household devices are connected to the Internet. Bezeq, which is investing an estimated 10 million shekels ($2.6 million) in the venture, is making its initial foray into the field through its Bhome package, which includes a panoramic camera and sensors that monitor open doors and home temperatures. The system costs 20 shekels a month. (Amitai Ziv)

StageOne completes effort to raise $65 million for its second fund

Herzliya-based StageOne Ventures has wrapped up raising $65 million for its second fund, which it has dubbed StageOne II. The fund is investing in young companies engaged in the development of business software and communications solutions, beginning at $500,000 to $700,000 per firm and later ranging to as high as $5 million to $6 million. StageOne II is seeking to become the initial investor in the companies and then continue to invest as the firms mature, and is targeting data center, cyber, network, cloud and infrastructure firms. StageOne’s earlier fund began in 2001 and invested a total of $46 million in 17 companies, including six that had exits. The second StageOne fund raised more than the $50 to $60 million that was originally said to have been the goal, although there had been reports last year that the fundraising target for StageOneII was $100 million. (Inbal Orpaz)

Sequoia and Shlomo Kramer invest in SafeBreach cyber startup

Sequoia Capital, the major Silicon Valley venture capital firm, has teamed up with Shlomo Kramer, a co-founder of Check Point Software Technologies, and together they are investing $4 million in SafeBreach, a cyber security firm founded last year by its CEO, Guy Bejerano, and its technology officer, Itzik Kotler. SafeBreach, which currently has a staff of 10 in Israel and plans on hiring another 20 employees, has developed technology that simulates a cyber attack on a company’s systems to detect points at which it is vulnerable to a real attack. Bejerano came to his new firm from Liveperson, where he was head of information security. Amit Klein, the company’s VP for security research, was chief technology officer at Trusteer, which was sold to IBM. (Inbal Orpaz)