TechNation: iPhone 7 Goes on Sale in Israel Thursday

Oryx Vision completes $17m first funding round | Artificial intelligence sales promotion firm Chorus raises $6.3m

Apple CEO Tim Cook announces the new iPhone 7 during an event to announce new products Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016, in San Francisco.
Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP

iPhone 7 goes on sale in Israel Thursday

The iPhone 7 smartphone models, which were launched by Apple abroad about a month and a half ago, are scheduled to go on sale on Thursday in Israel. Prices for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to vary among retailers, but the most basic model of iPhone 7 is expected to run between 3,600 and 3,800 shekels (roughly $950 and $1,000), with the more advanced 256 gigabyte model costing between 4,290 and 4,450 shekels ($1,125 to $1,165). Most retailers were also offering credit for customers trading in older iPhone models. (Refaella Goichman)

Oryx Vision completes $17m first funding round 

Oryx Vision, a Petah Tikva startup which has been developing depth vision sensor technology for self-driving cars, have been attempting to address the type of problem that was encountered by a self-driven Tesla car in Florida in May that encountered sun glare that led the car’s sensor system to mistakenly identify a foreign object as a bridge that the car could drive over. The result was a catastrophic collision. The Israeli founders of the company, David Ben Bassat and Rani Wellingstein, have now emerged from stealth mode and say they have come up with technology that can see what lies ahead with greater depth and accurately. On Wednesday, Oryx Vision announced that it has completed a $17.3 million first funding round led by U.S.-based Bessemer Venture Partners. Oxyx Vision plans to begin marketing its technology in the U.S. and Germany next year. Bessemer’s modest $6 million investment in Wellingstein’s previous startup, Intucell, gave it a 47% stake in the company. Intucell was sold to Cisco Systems for $475 million. (Ruti Levy)

Artificial intelligence sales promotion firm Chorus raises $6.3m

Chorus, which has developed artificial intelligence and data analytics to help analyze sales pitches, announced on Tuesday that it has raised $6.3 million in first-round funding led by Emergence Capital of San Mateo, California and is now coming out of stealth mode. The company, based in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, described its technology as helping “sales teams learn what to say and what to avoid to route them more quickly to a closed deal.” (TheMarker)