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Micromedic discovery could predict risk of chemo side effects

Micromedic Technologies, a Tel Aviv-based developer of cancer-related diagnostic tools, announced Tuesday that it has identified several genetic markers with the potential to predict necrosis of the jawbone in multiple myeloma patients treated with bisphosphonate drugs. The company has applied for three patents, in the wake of clinical trials in Israel. BioLight Life Sciences Investments has a 29% controlling ownership in Micromedic. The company said that if the findings are confirmed it plans to develop a diagnostic assay for use with multiple myeloma and also hopes to extend the application of the research to patients with other types of cancer. Shares of Micromedic on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange declined Wednesday after rising 3.4% on Tuesday in heavy trading. (Dror Reich)

SOSA work space for startups in Tel Aviv launched

A shared work and meeting space for high tech firms SOSA, was dedicated in Tel Aviv this week, south of Salameh Street, from which the facility draws its initials. The project was the initiative of a number of venture capital funds and other businesses and is currently home to 12 startups. The site can accommodate up to 30 companies, which can make SOSA their home for up to a year. The organizers are planning to establish a similar facility within about 10 months in New York, TheMarker has learned, to serve as a meeting place for Israeli tech firms and venture capital funds. Rami Beracha, the managing partner of Pitango Venture capital, which is one of the founders of SOSA, declined to confirm immediate plans to open a SOSA branch in New York. (Inbal Orpaz)

Israelis are tweeting more

Israelis’ use of Twitter rose 35% over the past year, according to the Internet data firm ComScore. The data relate only to Twitter use on desktop computers, but according to Twitter, globally 78% of its users access the micro-messaging service from mobile devices. Around 235,000 people access Twitter on desktop computers in Israel each day, ComScore reported. It said the social networking site has an exposure rate of 5.7% of Israeli desktop users and commands those users’ attention for six minutes a day on average. The data suggest that if mobile device users are included, Twitter use in Israel is much wider than previously known. The social network recently inaugurated an advertising platform in Israel, the seventh country where it has done so. (Nati Tucker)