TA Central Bus Station May Close Over Fire Safety Violations

Tel Aviv facility also admits new computer system can't be trusted, reports may be delayed

The new Central Bus Station, of which the city of Tel Aviv has been so proud, is in trouble. The Central Bus Station admitted as last week closed that it could be shut down because of noncompliance with fire regulations.

The company said that it received a letter from the municipality, which is annoyed that there has been no progress in fulfilling the fire-fighting and safety requirements at the gigantic structure. The city said it has already asked its criminal law division to prepare the paperwork for closing down the station and to press charges against company officials.

The Central Bus Station company says that in such case, it can counter the claims in court. But it doesn't mention whether it actually believes it can prevent being closed down.

The company also admitted that its financial woes have not been solved. In the first half of 2006 it lost NIS 15 million. Also, it will be tardy in filing its next financial statement because it has installed a new computer system, that hasn't stabilized yet, so it cannot rely on its output.