Super-Sol Reaches Deal With Protesting Israeli Students

Materna, eggs, milk, Bamba to be 20% cheaper until spring.

Eggs, cottage cheese, diapers, instant coffee, hummus, Bamba and infant formula are only some of the 30 products that the Super-Sol supermarket chain will offer at a 20% discount through Passover. The price cuts are part of a deal reached between the chain and the Tel Aviv Student Union after the company was threatened with a boycott.

Ilan Asayag

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The discounts are offered for specific brands and sizes chosen by the students in conjunction with Super-Sol management.

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The deal, whose details were only released yesterday, was reached last week after the students opened a Facebook page pushing a week-long boycott. The student union reached the agreement with Super-Sol management, and the price cuts will start in the next day or two at Super-Sol Deal and Super-Sol Sheli stores.

Six of the chosen products are dairy products, four of which are made by Tnuva. Three of the products on the list are under state price supervision: Gilboa hard yellow cheese, 3% milk in a bag and a dozen large eggs - all supplied by Tnuva.

Twelve of the products are from Super-Sol's own private label, even though the students originally demanded that all the discounted products be leading brand names.

Super-Sol said on Sunday that it had not yet asked suppliers to share some of the burden for the discounts, but CEO Effie Rosenhaus also did not say that the company would not ask for such help from suppliers in the future.

The suppliers told TheMarker that Super-Sol has yet to ask for their participation. But the suppliers know quite well that inclusion on the list will certainly increase their sales - and expect Super-Sol to ask them to contribute.

Not everyone is happy with the agreement. The initiators of the original cottage cheese boycott said it would have been better to boycott Super-Sol and its biggest competitor, Blue Square's Mega.