Startup Making App for VoD Ads

Israeli startup justAd.TV has developed an application to broadcast advertisements during video on demand shows and movies.

The service is similar to that offered by Israeli satellite broadcast channel yesMax, or via personal video recorders.

Broadcasters can currently add advertisements only at the beginning and end of programs.

"The problem today is with the use of regular methods of advertising, along with the use of 30-second ads for VoD and PVRs," said Eli Sadoun, justAd.TV's vice president of marketing.

"The new application will allow for ads to be placed intelligently, at [specific] times - for example when the viewer presses the pause or stop buttons, or when the viewer fast-forwards through commercials. In these instances, part of the screen will be filled with our ads," he added.

Based in Tel Aviv, justAd.TV has 20 employees.