How Long Has It Been Since the Last Rocket Strike on Israel?

U.S. immigrant to Israel designs online clock timer to show world how much time has passed since the last rocket was fired; 'Sadly, this counter never really gets above an hour,' he says.


People around the world may find it hard to conceptualize the frequency with which rockets are fired toward Israel. Two young Israelis have created an online clock timer to track how much time has passed since the last rocket was fired.

According to Israeli media, the website is linked to the Home Front Command’s rocket alert system and automatically restarts the clock every time an alert is sent.

Aaron Friedman, 29, a marketing manager who immigrated to Israel from Chicago with his wife and two children a year ago and currently resides in the settlement Efrat, came up with the idea for the website during Operation Protective Edge. He contacted tech developer Yehonatan Tsirolnik, 18, of the settlement Pisgat Ze’ev, who developed the code for the website in two days.

“Israel has been under NON STOP rocket attacks for years and in the past few weeks its [sic] gotten much worse. And I want people to know what that really means”, wrote Friedman in a Facebook post on July 18. “So, with the help of Yehonatan Tsirolnik, we developed a site which counts up from the last rocket attack. Whenever a rocket is fired, it restarts. Sadly, this counter never really gets above an hour.”