Rain From Heaven, Manna for Take-outs

The stormy weather may have dismayed Tel Aviv's revelers but it brought a bonanza for restaurants with delivery service. 2eat, a website on and about restaurants, reported a 35% increase in orders for food deliveries all over the country during the rain-soaked weekend, compared with the same days the previous week.

The biggest spike was in the greater Tel Aviv area, Gush Dan, where phoned-in orders for take-away increased by 45%, 2eat reported.

Noam Shaked, CEO of 2eat, estimated that Israel's abandoned eateries racked up NIS 5.2 million in take-out orders.

Yossi Elbaz, head of Domino's Pizza in Israel, said the jump versus the previous weekend was 25%. "When people don't go out to the malls, or for hikes in nature, they try to have fun at home," he said. "And the most common category of take-away is pizza."

Daniel Rahamim runs the website Mishlocha, through which consumers can order take-out from restaurants. Saturday night was a double bonanza, he said: Not only was the storm whipping the land, but "Big Brother" was on television. That night, he estimated, orders were 25% above average, while orders from chains like Giraffe and Pizza Hut spiked by 50%.

But keep things in perspective, he warned: Orders for take-away are always higher during the first storm of winter.