"Quiet Planes" May Take Off From Ben Gurion in Wee Hours

Eligible planes produce Level 4 noise or less

 So-called "quiet planes" will be allowed to take off from Ben Gurion International Airport throughout the hours of the night. The planes in question produce Level 4 noise or less.

At this stage the idea will remain on paper: Level 4 is still a noise standard undergoing definition.

Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz and Environment Minister Gideon Ezra handed down the decision after a meeting in Jerusalem.

At present, all planes are prohibited from taking off from Ben Gurion airport between 02:00 to 05:30.

But the ministers expanded the hours during which noise category 3 planes may not take off from Ben Gurion, to 23:00 to 06:00 the next morning.

Noise category 4 is actually a future rank. The International Civil Aviation Organization is presently discussing its precise definition.