Punish Ramon if He Kissed

Yes, the court was harsher in its sentence of Dori Klagsbald, compared with defendants in similar cases. But let's not forget what happened. The renowned attorney killed two people. It was not force majeure. His car did not deviate from its path because a tire exploded. Nor did he skid on a wet road. He simply crashed into a car that had stopped at a red light. How exactly he did that we will never know: Klagsbald seems to have succumbed to temporary memory loss. But the upshot is that two innocent people, a mother and son, lost their lives.

Yesterday attorney Moriel Matalon wrote a column crying out against Klagsbald's sentence, claiming that an anonymous nobody would have received six to nine months' prison, instead of the 15 months to which the famous lawyer was sentenced.

But I think that 15 months for killing two people is not a harsh punishment, it is a light one. It is light when you consider that murder will get you 25 years. There is a difference between manslaughter and murder, but their end result is the same people lose their lives, not by nature or merit.

It is time to truly crack down in cases of fatal road accidents. Every kid learning for his license hears that a car can be a deadly weapon. What they mean is, stay awake an drive carefully. But only if people realized that they could spend years in jail for carelessness on the road, will they start driving carefully, instead of letting his phone or paper distract his attention.

Maybe Klagsbald's sentence will be the first shot in new sentencing criteria. A new direction has to start somewhere, and in this case, he's the start, and an appropriate one, given his history of traffic offenses.

One has to wonder whether Matalon would have protested if the 15 months had been handed down against some anonymous person, not a famous lawyer.

While about standards, let's look at Haim Ramon. Nothing has been proven against the justice minister, but Matalon protested that the police wouldn't have been investigating a guy for planting a wet one on a chick at a grocery.

One has to wonder how these champions of the well-known and downtrodden would have reacted if a big old woman, 30 years their senior, were to corner them and impose a wet kiss on their mouth, without their consent.

As a person who has experienced that sort of thing, I can say that it is not only disgusting, it is also humiliating. In my case too, the perpetrators were people of high standing whose lofty status must have gone to their heads.

If Ramon is found guilty, his sentence should serve as a deterrent, and if that deterrent requires a strenuous investigation that goes as far as Costa Rica, then the effort is worth it. You need a lot of courage to complain and undergo the following investigation, and hats off to H, who has done this very thing. If she had a kiss forced on her, as she claims, the case should be exploited to drive home the message that even 'lite' sexual harassment must stop.