Puddings, Cheeses Also Leapt Skyward

Cottage cheese isn't the only product that has undergone a massive price increase in Israel.

While consumer outrage is focusing on cottage cheese, it's far from being the only product to have soared in price in recent years. These days a kilo of meat can be had for less than a kilo of yellow cheese - or a kilo of Bamba peanut puffs.

A survey by TheMarker with A.C. Nielsen has found that Milky, the whipped cream topped chocolate pudding made by Strauss, has increased in price by 43% in the last four years, from NIS 2.10 per 170-gram container to NIS 3.

Yellow cheese has risen by about 32% in four years. A 200-gram package of Emek 9% from Tnuva has increased by 32%, from NIS 13 in 2007 to NIS 17.20 today.

At Super-Sol Direct, a discount outlet, you can get a kilo of fresh Tnuva chicken breast for NIS 29.99. At Neto, you can buy a kilo of osso bucco for NIS 49.90. But Emek Lite cheese will cost NIS 100 per kilo, and Piraeus Feta will cost NIS 106 per kilo.

As for Osem's beloved Bamba snack, a 25-gram package costs NIS 2.99, which works out to NIS 119.60 per kilo.

Meat and fish importer Ezra Lati shrugs: "Meat prices have also risen in Israel, but certainly not like dairy. That's how it is. We have competition and they don't. The companies all earn well and don't have an interest in rocking the boat."