Protest to Strauss: Dear Ofra, the Times Have Changed

Dear Israel cost-of-living protest movement is resuming demonstrations outside homes of top Strauss Group executives, to protest the company's high prices.

Her hiatus was short-lived. Yesterday the Dear Israel cost-of-living protest movement announced the resumption of demonstrations outside the homes of top Strauss Group executives, to protest the company's high prices.

Last week the protesters called a halt after Strauss Group chairwoman Ofra Strauss went out to talk with them. But the battle is back on, yesterday beginning with a demonstration outside the home of CFO Shahar Florence in Shoham.

Ofra Strauss - Ofer Vaknin
Ofer Vaknin

A week ago protests were held outside the homes of Strauss Group CEO Gadi Lesin and the house of Strauss Israel CEO Zion Balas.

"I'm forced to pay the high price of Strauss products every day in my home, so we'll go to their homes too," Benny Groverman, a leader of the movement, told TheMarker.

After a week's wait for developments, all that resulted was empty words, Groverman added. "You can't pay at the grocery with fine words," he said. "We still expect the Strauss-Elite concern to make significant changes in its pricing of basic foods so they're as cheap here as in expensive Europe."

Yesterday Dear Israel sent a letter to Ofra Strauss. "Our dear Ofra," it began, "We thought you would take action, but nothing real happened. You said in the summer that you hadn't been aware of what was happening among the public. You said sensitivity needed to be shown. Last week you said small manufacturers needed strengthening.

"Ofra, what have you achieved? Unhappily, nothing much. The cost of living is still twice as high in Israel as in western Europe." None other than the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in its report on Israel published this week, confirmed "what everybody knows - that the Israeli market is concentrated, 20 families (among them, you ) share the pie and block the market from true competition."

Israeli society is going in bad directions, the letter adds. "The public has woken up .... Pick up the gauntlet. Make a move. We will stand behind you."

If Strauss continue to ignore the issue or to settle for ludicrous deals, the battle will be on, the letter continued: "It's in your hands."