PM Aides Critical of Boss's Choice for Civil Service Chief

Netanyahu supports appointment of the relatively anonymous Moshe Dayan.

Officials in the Prime Minister's Bureau have sharply criticized their boss' intention to appoint the relatively anonymous Moshe Dayan as Civil Service Commissioner. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports the appointment of Dayan, legal advisor to the Justice Ministry, who is the candidate of Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman and Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein.

Sources in Netanyahu's bureau said they were shocked by the choice, adding that Dayan has not even applied for the job yet. Netanyahu had established a search committee to recommend a new civil service commissioner.

"Dayan is anonymous, unknown, and never managed a large institution such as the civil service commission. We cannot understand Netanyahu's decision," said the officials in his bureau.

The Prime Minister's Bureau and the Justice Ministry did not respond to questions from TheMarker.

To be appointed, Dayan would first have receive approval from the search committee. Then the cabinet would have to approve the choice.

"It is uncertain whether Dayan would pass the the filter of the Arbel committee," said a source close to the selection process.

Dayan has been at the Justice Ministry since the late 1990s, hired by then justice minister Tzahi Hangebi as his aide. After two years he was appointed legal advisor under then minister Meir Sheetrit.

An acquaintance from that period in the ministry said his appointment was rather surprising at the time.

Justice is one of the smallest ministries and most of the legal advisor's job is dealing with tenders and contracts, as well as legal advice for the various administrative units within the ministry. The advisor also handles various appointments committees and issues relating to legislation. The legal advisor has no responsibilities relating to the State Prosecutor's Office or the Attorney General. He serves under the ministry director general and the minister. Therefore, it is questionable whether he has the experience needed to manage an institution such as the civil service commission and its political pressures, said one of the officials.