Penina Rosenblum Ordered to Compensate Illegal Foreign Workers

They were de facto fired by their arrest because she hadn't arranged work permits, says court

Knesset member and cosmetics queen Penina Rosenblum lost in court to her former foreign workers. The Tel Aviv District Labor Tribunal slammed the former Miss Israel with NIS 138,000 compensation payment to the workers for social benefits she failed to pay, and overtime.

Marko Arnel and Imelda Lanio, both of the Philippines, had worked for Rosenblum for two years, until May 2005. At that point they were arrested by the Immigration Police and, at a later stage, were deported.

The court ordered Rosenblum to pay Arnel NIS 64,000 and another NIS  54,000 to Lanio, plus court costs.

The two had sued via the offices of attorney Haim Oren. They claimed she owed them severance compensation, compensation for a month's notice, overtime, and redemption of vacation and other social benefits.

Neither had been legally employed. They claim Rosenblum had reassured them and promised to arrange work permits.

The court found that Rosenblum's failure to arrange work permits for them constituted de facto dismissal, for the purposes of setting severance compensation.  She chose to employ them knowing full well that they had no permits and knowing that their employment term would at some point be terminated by their arrest.

Rosenblum's legal counsel says they will appeal the verdict.