Only in Israel: Women Miss Work Less Than Men

The trend began during the 2002 recession, when women had less job security than men

Women are absent from work less than men - a phenomenon unique to Israel, according to a survey conducted by business data firm HSP Hashavim of the Hilan Tech and the Trendline group.

Everywhere else in the Western world, it goes the other way,

HPS Hashavim CEO Abie Meir says that the current trend in terms of absenteeism among women in Israel began in 2002, when the country sank into recession.

"Women were more concerned than men about losing their jobs in light of the slowdown in business, and, as a natural response, they began to be more meticulous about absences" Meir said.

Men, on the other hand, experienced greater job security despite the recession, and there was "no change in their behavior patterns," Meir said.

The survey indicates that the main difference between men and women is in vacation absences (holiday, travel and the like): Women are substantially less likely to take vacation from work than men.

On the other hand, women are absent slightly more often than men for health reasons, either because of their own health or that of their families. This is similar to trends worldwide.