Officials Suspiciously Mum on Tax Burden

The question is, what are they hiding?

It's surprisingly difficult to find any information on the tax burden in Israel - a basic statistic in any properly run country.

The Finance Ministry, the Central Bureau of Statistics and other official bodies do not regularly publish any data on the tax burden that citizens face, even though they publish every other bit of economic data.

The Finance Ministry seems to be not publishing this data for political reasons. The ministry's government income authority has had trouble pulling together an annual report - its last one was in 2008.

It also has halted its periodic press conferences where it gave data on the tax burden.

A request to meet with an official to discuss the matter was rejected out of hand.

"Talk to the spokesman," the official said.

The spokesman for his part could not manage to grant this meeting over the course of the week. "There's no approval yet," TheMarker was told.

Other government bodies were also uncharacteristically cautious about discussing this topic this week. Apparently this was due to the storm raised over the increased prices of gasoline, water and bread.