Kika Closes Today to Restock -- but Will Open Again

Liquidator says 50 trucks to bring inventory to stores after five days worth of sales cleared out stock.

Kika, the bankrupt furniture and housewares store in Netanya, will be closed this morning as a huge sale has emptied the store of all its inventory.

But the store will open again in the afternoon, say the firm's temporary liquidators, once it is restocked.

"We sold NIS 7.5 million worth of goods, out of a total inventory of NIS 20 million, in five days. The store is almost empty and we will have to bring 50 trucks with inventory from the warehouses," said Ron Bar-Nir, one of the liquidators.

"We thought that, as the days passed, fewer people would come. But we were surprised," he added.

The store was also closed briefly over the weekend when supplies ran out.

Kika, an Austrian franchise that opened in Israel last year, was forced into liquidation a month ago after no buyer was found. Instead, the court-appointed liquidators are selling off all remaining inventory at large discounts and the store has been mobbed in a way it enver was when it was a going concern.