Itamar Deutscher Replacing Shlomo Sherf as Electra CEO

But Sherf is keeping the reins at Electra Real Estate

After 30 years fulfilling various management jobs at the Electra (TASE: ELTR) group, and 15 years as chief executive of Electra Real Estate, Shlomo Sherf is retiring ? but only as CEO of Electra Israel. Sherf will remain CEO of Electra Real Estate, which went public in August 2005, and will take the appointment of Electra Israel deputy chairman.

Sherf will be succeeded at Electra by Itamar Deutscher, 42, who is leaving Danya Cebus (TASE: DNYA), which belongs to the Africa Israel (TASE: AFIL) group.

Deutscher served as CEO of Danya Cebus for nine years. He takes the reins at Electra from Sunday, January 15, 2006.