Israeli Travel Patterns Revealed by Website

Delta Airlines revealed information about Israelis' use of their Internet site for the first time.

Josh Weiss, the managing director of Delta's online ticketing and Internet site,, and the manager of self-service for the airline, disclosed that Israelis recorded 50,467 visits to the site in the first quarter of 2007.

The information is based on the visitors' IP addresses.

The main destinations for which Israelis purchased tickets on the site were San Diego, Miami, Seattle, Atlanta, Los Vegas and San Francisco.

In the opposite direction, the cities of departure for which the most tickets to Israel were purchased were: Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Newark.

Travelers purchased tickets to Israel from a wide range of countries on Delta's Web site including: China, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Britain, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark and France.

About 10 million tickets were sold on in 2006.

While the purchase of tickets and other services is available in six languages, this does not include Hebrew. However, it is now possible to read news on the site in Hebrew, in addition to four other languages of countries Delta flies to: Ukraine, Denmark, Greece and Hungary.