Israeli Startup Seeks End to Computer Viruses by Predicting Them

CyActive says its engine is able to anticipate malware and hacking attacks.

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An Israeli startup claims to be able to combat viruses and hackers by predicting them – that is, anticipating, in the company's words, "how hackers will evolve today’s malware into tomorrow’s advanced threats."

CyActive, a 10-member company who boasts the slogan "Stay ahead of your attacker and place the unfair advantage in your hands," says its engine is capable of predicting "hundreds of thousands of future malware derivatives… in mere hours," then generating "future-proof detectors" which prevent malware attacks.

"When a threat is exposed, we predict that malware's evolution to protect an organization before the black-hat hackers even write it," Danny Levy, the company's chief marketing officer, told "We have the ability to see the future and prepare for it."

Hacker.Credit: Dreamstime