Israeli Firm to Google: Don't Change Your Name to 'Alphabet' - That's Our Name

Architecture firm AlefBet says Google's new name infringes on their trademark.


An Israeli firm is calling on Google, which announced this week that it was creating a new holding company called Alphabet, to find a different name.

Architecture firm AlefBet, which operates in Israel and abroad, said that Google's new name infringes on their trademark and will cause them problems in countries where the Google brand is unpopular, Globes reported.

Google announced a surprise overhaul of its operating structure on Monday, creating a holding company called Alphabet to pool its many subsidiaries and separate the core web advertising business from newer ventures like health care and driverless cars.

"Some of the projects we planned we built long before Google's founders dreamed of founding the company. A lot of thought went into picking this name and it is symbolic of our thorough work in planning new projects from the ground up," the report cited AlefBet CEO Kobi Bogin as saying.

He also said, "For over two decades we have invested significant sums in building our reputation and now, it seems, we'll have to explain to everyone that we have no relations with Google." The company is calling on Google to pick another name, according to Globes.  

Being identified with Google could be a problem in places like China, where all Google's services are blocked, Globes reported.

Reuters contributed to this report.