Israeli Company Signs Strategic Deal With U.S. Defense Giant General Dynamics

Israel-based MaxTech has developed a unique technology that enables creation of ad hoc communications networks, without the need for infrastructure; deal

A senior delegation from of the world's largest defense companies, U.S.-based General Dynamics (GD), has signed a strategic collaborative agreement with the Israeli firm MaxTech, which develops unique communications technology for armed and security forces, The Marker has learned.

Uzi Hanuni

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Chris Marzilli, head of C4 Systems, a leading General Dynamics company in the communications and information technology field, said that ”MaxTech’s technology will help us market our military, security and civilian technology products around the world.”

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Sales of the division in 2010 amounted to $11 billion, while GD sales totaled $32 billion that year.

MaxTech has developed a unique technology that enables the creation of ad hoc communications networks, which does not require any infrastructure, such as antennas.

Communications equipment that is used in the network with MaxTech technology can be used as a relay station to the rest of the equipment. Additionally, the technology enables communication with four times as many users as other existing technologies, through its use of a wide bandwidth.

The companies did not publish any of the financial details of the deal, but explained that the deal included a licensing agreement for the use of the technology, and that in their eyes, the deal is a strategic one. Mike Greenley, International Vice-President of C4 Systems said that as long as company sales increase, MaxTech will profit too.

It is safe to say that the American company will give MaxTech several million dollars upfront.

C4 Systems specializes in tactical communications for military and civilian use, according to Greenley. It is considered a leader in the field of internet based tactical communications.

“We want advanced communication technology in the civilian market to copy them for the battle field, or in disaster areas, through integrating voice, data and video,” he said, adding that the collaboration is aimed at merging MaxTech technology into GD products. MaxTech has a number of strategic alliances with leading security companies around the world.

“MaxTech Networks is developing unique technology for military and civilian communications equipment, which enables every piece of equipment being used as an end unit and relay station at the same time. In this way, the group of communications equipment can be used as a dynamic wireless communications infrastructure, with no need for ground communications infrastructure such as antennae or relays,” said Uzi Hanuni, founder and CEO of MaxTech.

“This kind of technology is needed in situations where there is no communications infrastructure available on the battle field, such as in the U.S. military’s campaign in Afghanistan, or in cases where communications networks break down, as in the attack on the twin towers in New York, or in the case of a Tsunami,” Hanuni added.

“Technology enables us to transform the home computer to a machine we can take out into the field,” said Marzilli. “C4 Systems will develop systems for which secure communications against enemy bugging. We are the leading company in wireless communications security,” he added.

Hanuni founded MaxTech in 2004, that currently employs 25 people in its U.S. and Yavne offices. 10 million dollars has been invested in the company thus far, and he is currently in the process of recruiting more capital to propel it forward.

“We will try and raise 5 million dollars,” Hanuni said, “ to increase our marketing base throughout the world, in addition to the United States and the Far East.”