Israeli Average Wage Slipped in April

April saw slight slip in number of salaried workers and their wages.

The average wage of salaried Israelis in April was NIS 8,881 - a decline from an average of NIS 9,129 in March, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported. There were 3.06 million salaried workers in the country in April, down from 3.08 million the month before.

As in the past, the most highly paid workers on average were employed at the Israel Electric Corporation and Mekorot, the national water company, at an average salary of NIS 27,723 a month, which is substantially more than the NIS 16,906 earned by the average financial-sector employee.

Despite all the reforms in the education system, education sector workers earned just NIS 6,825 per month on average. But it was workers in the hospitality and food sector that had the lowest average compensation levels - NIS 4,259.

The bureau also reported that the average salaried Israeli suffered a 0.8% wage decrease on an annualized basis between February and April, but that the number of wage earners rose on an annualized basis during that same three-month period by 1.3%.

In the agricultural sector, the number of salaried positions rose by an annualized 5.2%, meaning that the rise would be 5.2% if the increase continued at the same pace over a full year. In the hospitality and food sector, however, the comparable figure declined by 3.5%.