Israeli Startups Raise Over $900 Million From Foreign Investors in One Week Alone

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The Tel Aviv offices of an Israeli startup.Credit: Moti Milrod

Israeli VCs seek capital in China

Israel’s Economy Ministry is sending a delegation of 22 Israeli venture capitalists to China this week in search of investment capital for communications, clean tech and life science ventures. Among the funds participating are BRM, Giza, Veritas, JVP and Infinity. The delegation will be looking for Chinese investors to put money into their funds, co-invest in new startups Ior invest in startups already in the VCs’ portfolios. The group will be meeting with 150 executives from Chinese financial institutions and technology companies, as well as with private investors in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. “We are putting a lot of emphasis on expanding the sources of investment in the Israeli economy, and see the Asian market, China especially, as an important target,” said Amit Lang, the ministry’s director general. (Ora Coren)

BrainsGate raises first $11m of $26m round

BrainsGate, which is developing electronic devices for treating diseases of the central nervous system, has raised the first $11 million of a projected $26 million fundraising round, Elron Electronic Industries, an investor, said on Sunday. Elron said it invested $3.5 million in the round, which was led by an unnamed investor it described as “a leading global company in the field of healthcare.” The group will invest the remaining $15 million after the completion of an interim analysis of a 600-patient study of BrainsGate’s ImpACT24. Elron, which controls 30% of BrainsGate, will contribute about $8 million of the fundraising, which values the startup at $70 million before the money, Elron said. (TheMarker Staff)

Banner week for Startup Nation

Israeli startups raised more than $900 million from foreign investors in the third week of January, amid a torrent of fundraising and mergers and acquisitions deals. The deal-making was led by Amazon’s acquisition of Annapurna for a reported $370 million, followed by Harman International‘s confirmed $200 million purchase Israel’s Red Bend. In addition, Dropbox bought CloudON for $150 million and Microsoft Equivio for $50 million. On the fundraising side, Ravello raised $28 million from investors, while AppsFlyer and Early Sense each raised $20 million. Seven other rounds raised between $5 million and $18 million for other startups. (TheMarker Staff)